ACC Golf Project


Golf Construction

For 30 years, America's premier golf course designers have called on ACC Golf to deliver, and we have done just that. With a resume of course construction that includes projects from upstate New York to California's wine country, ACC Golf consistently produces the best courses in the country. Recognized by peers and critics alike, our projects have garnered prestigious #1 rankings from local and national publications in a variety of categories including public and private, daily fee and resort.

Our ability to perform the vast majority of the work in-house provides our clients with several advantages. With every golf project, time and timing are critical. ACC Golf is able to truly control the project schedule by providing internal forces to complete critical path items throughout the duration of the project. In addition to this, the likelihood of change orders is reduced. Change orders often occur as a result of multiple trades not accounting for all items prior to construction. That communication gap is eliminated when a single entity is responsible for the entire scope of work. Finally, the seamless nature of the “turnkey” construction process logically produces a superior project. Our high percentage of repeat clients is testimony to the exceptional quality of each course we complete.

At ACC Golf, strong bonding capacity and predictable financial results translate to reliability and confidence for our clients. After all, it's not just where we are today that counts, but where we will be tomorrow.