ACC Golf Project


Golf Renovation

As the number of golf courses increase, the competition for golf revenues is increasing. As a result, ACC is called upon to perform a number of renovation projects each construction season. Our experienced crews understand the challenges of keeping courses safe throughout a renovation project, while many times allowing play to continue. Our golf course renovation services include:

  • Greens renovation
  • Tee renovation and relocation
  • Fairway adjustments
  • Bunker reconstruction
  • Drainage and erosion control
  • Pump station upgrades
  • Irrigation renovation (partial or complete)
  • Cart path renovation or addition
  • Lake/water feature renovation or addition
  • Other related infrastructure renovation

Our close relationships with vendors and designers provide an interactive and dynamic atmosphere for fast-tracking renovation projects. Whether remodeling single-hole, 9-hole or 18-hole projects, ACC Golf is adept at completing significant renovations with a minimum of disturbance. We have an eye for detail and execute with unparalleled speed.